Our list of services includes everything related to heating, air conditioning and ventilation. We specialize in the production and sale of heat pumps for cottages and homes, as well as the provision of a range of services for design, delivery and installation. In addition, you can buy high-capacity pumps for heating industrial and administrative premises, as well as multi-storey buildings.
Geopumps is a European heat pump manufacturer
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Water heat pumps use groundwater and open reservoirs as a heat source. Even in winter, the sources have a positive temperature and require a slight increase to perform the functions of heating and hot water preparation, which allows you to save significantly on electricity.
Water-to-water heat pumps
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Ambient air temperature is not always ideal for heat extraction and release, but thanks to special technologies implemented, heat pumps Mammoth and Chofu in monoblock form are effective even at low winter temperatures
Air-to-air heat pumps
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Thanks to our own production and our logistics we can deliver your goods in the shortest possible time.
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